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Hotel regulations
and reservation conditions

  1. General terms
  1. The Terms and Conditions, drawn up by Dobry Hotel spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp. k. (later referred to as: “Service Provider”), describe the rules of the hotel and provision of accommodation services, the terms for making hotel room reservations and the terms of providing services via the internet webpage found at the address The Service Provider is the hotel operator.

  2. The Guest and the Service Provider are obliged to observe the Terms and Conditions as soon as the former commences using the services provided by the latter. The servicing process and the Guest’s stay at the hotel shall be performed in compliance with the rules set out herein.

  1. Definitions 
  1. Guest – a person with full legal capacity or an entity using the Services provided by the Service Provider in accordance with the Terms and Conditions,

  2. Services – every service provided in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, particularly hotelling services within the hotel and online processing via the e-Service,

  3. e-Service – internet website for placing reservations on-line, using the booking System.

  1. Type and range of Services on offer
  1. The Service provider provides hotel services in accordance with the Law of 29 August 1997 on Tourist services, in particular comprising:
  • rental of hotel rooms,
  • gastronomic services,
  • rental of conference rooms,
  • rental of parking spaces.
  1. It is possible to reserve hotel spaces:
  • via the Reservation System – an interactive form provided by a third party via the Website which facilitates reservation of hotel spaces in the hotels available in the system
  • by telephone, using the telephone number of the Service prodder as given on the Website,
  • by e-mail using the e-mail address of the Service provider available on the Website,
  • in person, at the Hotel Reception.
  1. Payment – the Website makes it possible for Guests to make payments for reservations of hotel rooms online using the Polcard system. If a reservation is made using any method other than the Reservation System, payment is also possible in cash, by bank transfer, or by using a credit or debit card.

  2. The Service provider accepts the following payment cards:

  • for on-Line payments: VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic, American Express, Diners Club, JCB
  • for payments on site at the hotel: VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic, American Express, Diners Club, JCB
  1. The operations of the hotel involves provision of hotel services at the level of the category assigned to the hotel and the hotel’s standards. If a Guest has concerns about the quality of the services offered, we request that the Guest inform the staff of the Reception during the stay to facilitate a prompt response from the Service provider.

  2. The services provided by the hotel include in particular:

  • the stay of the Guest at the hotel, including respect for the privacy of the Guest’s personal data in compliance with Article 6 para. 1b of the GDPR (the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, andrepealing Directive 95/46/EC), i.e. the processing of personal data is necessary for the execution of an agreement to which the Guest is a party
  • professional and courteous service during all services provided at the hotel
  • room cleaning (between 9.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m.) and correction of any flaws at times when the Guest is not present, or when the Guest is present if such a preference is expressed
  • technically efficient service; if any flaws in the room arise which cannot be corrected, the hotel shall make every effort to change the room for another or in some other way rectify the inconvenience caused; in the case of repairs of damage, the Guest waives the right to make a complaint for compensation
  1. Additionally, at the Guests request, the Service provider may offer the following services:

  • providing information related to the stay and to travel
  • wakeup call at an arranged time
  • storage of valuables in the hotel safe during the Guest’s stay, in compliance with the conditions of the Civil Code
  • storage of baggage (the hotel may refuse to accept baggage for storage on dates other than the days of the Guest’s
  • stay, and also refuse to accept items which do not display the typical features of personal baggage)
  •  arranging transport services
  • paid room-service
  1. Terms and Conditions of the hotel
  1. The hotel room is rented on the basis of hotel days. The hotel day starts at 4.00 p.m. on the day of arrival and ends at 12.00 p.m. on the day of departure.

  2. If the Guest has not stated otherwise during reservation, it is assumed that the duration of the stay is on day.

  3.  At the request of the Guest and to the extent possible, for an additional fee the hotel may extend the hotel day.

  4.  Requests to extend the stay or hotel day can be made at the Reception until 10.00 a.m. of the day of initially planned departure. The hotel shall comply with this request to the extent that it is possible.

  5. If the Guest does not leave the room after the end of the hotel day, the Service provider reserves the right to pack the Guests belongings in commission in the presence of at least two members of the hotel staff, one of whom must be the Director or Manager of the hotel. Packed belongings shall be stored in deposit at the hotel and can be picked up at the Reception.

  6.  If the Guest does not leave the hotel room at the arranged time, the Service provider reserves the right to charge the Guest for 100% of the cost for a hotel day on the current day.

  7. Belongings left in the hotel room after the Guest’s departure will be sent to the address indicated by the Guest at the Guest’s cost. If this is not possible, the hotel shall store the left items for a period of three months.

  8. Requests to shorten the hotel stay must be made by the Guest at the Reception no later than 12.00 on the day preceding the planned departure. In any other case, the subsequent hotel day is understood to have begun unless the conditions of the offer under which the room was reserved state otherwise.

  9.  The Guest may not transfer the room to a third party without the previous check-in of the third party at the Reception, even if the period for which the room has been paid is not yet complete.

  10. Persons who are not registered as Guests in the hotel room may stay in the room after previous arrangement with the hotel Reception between 6.00 a.m. ad 10.00 p.m.

  11.  After checking in, the Guests should become familiar with the furnishings of the room and keep them undamaged for the duration of the stay. If the Guest notices damage or faults, these should be reported promptly to the hotel Reception. If no such information is provided and the hotel staff notice such damage, the Guest may be held financially liable.

  12. The Guest is liable for any and all damage to hotel property arising due to the actions of the Guest or the Guest’s visitors.

  13.  The Guest is obliged to make payment for the hotel stay during check-in, and to make payment for all ordered or used services and goods at the latest during check-out. If costs remain unpaid after this period, the Service provider is entitled to charge the Guest for all services provided on the Guest’s behalf and for goods used by the Guest.

  14.  The hotel is liable for loss of or damage to items belonging to the Guest to the extent indicated by the provisions of the Civil Code.

  15.  Valuable, money and documents should be stored in the safe which is located in the room or in deposit at Reception. If valuable items are left in areas other than these, the hotel is not liable for their safety.

  16.  A quiet period is enforced in the hotel between the hours of 10.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m.

  17.  The behaviour of Guests and persons using the hotel’s services should not at any time disturb the peaceful stay of other Guests. The hotel may refuse to provide further services to anyone who violates this principle. The hotel is a non-smoking area. If a Guests violates this principle, a nominal charge of 1000 PLN may be incurred for each violation of this prohibition, and costs for the unnecessary intervention of public fire and safety services alerted by the automatic fire-prevention system may also be incurred.

  18. When leaving the hotel room at any time, the Guest is obliged to secure it in such a way as to prevent access by unauthorised parties. When the Guest is not present in the room, the doors and windows must remain closed.

  19. If a fire is noticed, this threat should be reported to hotel personnel as quickly as possible, and the Guest should follow the path indicated by fire evacuation signage to the nearest exit. Until the arrival of fire and safety service personnel, the hotel staff shall be responsible for directing the evacuation.

  20.  For fire safety reasons, it is forbidden to use appliances in the room which are not part of the room’s furnishings (electric heaters, electric cookers, etc).

  21.  The hotel is entitled to charge any additional local administrative fees in compliance with applicable regulations.

  1. Booking the hotel room
  1. Reservation of hotel space is possible:

  • via the Reservation System
  • by telephone
  • by e-mail
  • in person at the Hotel Reception
  1. Making a reservation is synonymous with acceptance of these Terms of Service, and requires provision of personal data essential for the realisation of the service (such as name and surname, residence address, length of stay, and indicate method of payment) as well as with payment of the partial or full amount applicable for the stay, depending on the conditions governing a particular offer or individual arrangements. If the provisions of a particular offer do not require payment of any part of the fee for the stay before commencement of the stay, the Service provider cannot guarantee the reservation of the hotel space. The Guests is entitled to and required to provide complete and correct personal data. The Guest acknowledges that it is forbidden to provide the website or Service provider with content of an unlawful nature.

  2. If a reservation is made via the Reservation System, apart from the conditions mentioned in point 2 it is also necessary to confirm the reservation by clicking the “Reserve and pay” button and by making the relevant payment using the Polcard system of during the hotel stay, if this option is available.

  3. During the reservation procedure, the Service provider shall inform the Guest of:

  • the main details regarding the reservation, according to the content of the reservation made by the Guests, as well as the price list for services
  • identification details of the Service provider
  • the absence of the right to withdraw from the agreement for the provision of hotel services of a Guest who is a consumer in the understanding of Article 22[1] as defined by Article 38[12] of the Act of 30 May 2014 on Consumers’ rights
  •  the necessity of additional payments for services not covered by the reservation if the Guest orders additional services during the hotel stay
  1. After a reservation is made using the Reservation System or by e-mail, the Service provider shall send the Guest a confirmation of the reservation along with the information mentioned in point 4 above to the e-mail address indicated by the Guest. If the reservation is made by telephone or in person, the information indicated in point 4 shall be conveyed to the Guest during the reservation process or in another manner arranged with the consent of the Guest.

  1. Cancelling the hotel room reservation
  1. Cancellation of a reservation by a Guests should be carried out via the same means that the reservation was made.

  2. Cancellation of a reservation is possible up to 14 days before the declared day on which the reservation was to have effect until 12.00 p.m., unless conditions of the individual reservation state otherwise.

  3. If a reservation is cancelled after the date indicated in point 2 or if the Guest fails to appear at the hotel at the designated time on the declared day on which the reservation was to Begin, the Guest is liable for payment of the reservation fee, unless the reservation was made as part of an offer whose conditions state otherwise.

  4. The reservation fee is equal to the payment for the first unused hotel day for all rooms reserved by the Guest, unless the conditions of a particular offer state otherwise. If a reservation was made as part of a „no refund” offer (such as HOT DEAL), the reservation fee shall comprise the payment for all unused hotel days for all rooms reserved by the Guest.

  5. In the case of cancellations made according to the terms set out in point 1, the Service provider shall return payments made by the guest within 14 days of the date of cancellation, minus any reservation fees if such fees are applicable based on the terms of the offer by which the reservation was made.

  1. Service provider’s liability
  1. The Service provider is not liable for failure to execute or inadequate execution of obligations arising from the terms of these Terms of Service which are caused by circumstances beyond the control of the Service provider despite appropriate preventative measure.

  2. The Service provider is also not liable for damages arising from cessation or termination of the provision of services by the Service provider.

  3. The Service provider additionally bears no liability for damages, including lost profits, arising from use of the services by the Guest in a manner inconsistent with the Terms of Service or general provisions of law.

  4. Limitations of liability do not apply to Guests who are consumers in the understanding of Article 22[1] of the Civil Code

  1. Service provider’s intellectual property rights
  1. IT resources and the entire contents of the website, such as texts, graphics, logos, buttons, and images constitute the intellectual property of the Service provider or entities with which the Service provider has entered into relevant contractual agreements, and are protected by Polish and international regulations regarding the protection of intellectual property, in particular regulations based on the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights.

  2. It is forbidden to copy, duplicate, or in any other way make use of the entire information, data or other contents or fragments thereof, including derivative materials, available on the website without the express written permission of the Service provider, except in exceptional situations in which use is allowed by generally applicable provisions of law.

  1. Complaints
  1. A Guest has the right to lodge a complaint regarding the operation of the website and provision of services by the Service provider which are not in compliance with the conditions and principles defined in these Terms of Service.

  2. All complaints should include the personal details of the Guest, that is name and surname and e-mail address together with a brief description of the circumstances leading to the complaint, and should be directed to the e-mail address available on the homepage of the website in the Contact tab, or by mail to the Service provider’s address.

  3. The Service provider shall review all complaints within 14 days, dated from the day of delivery. If the complaint regards services provided by electronic means and cannot be reviewed within 14 days, the Service provider shall inform the Guest of the reasons for this delay and the expected date of review of the complaint.

  4. A complaint submitted by a Guest does not release the Guest from responsibility for payment for services provided by the Service provider.

  1. Final provisions
  1. The contents of these Terms of Service are subject to change. Any such changes will be announced to our guests via information placed on our Internet page. The date of entry into effect of any such changed will be no earlier than 14 days from the date of their announcement.

  2. Resolution of any conflicts which may arise between the Service provider and a Guest who is not a consumer in the understanding of Article 22[1] of the Civil Code will take place in the court appropriate for the registered offices of the Service provider.

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